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Old Lady Somerset (Duncan Carmichael) Paperback

Old Lady Somerset (Duncan Carmichael) Paperback

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ISBN 978-1-84921-237-3

Old Lady Somerset is a fiercely stubborn old bird. In her lifetime she has successfully resisted five attempts at eviction. Within living memory there are two aborted attempts to relocate to Heathfield. Outwith living memory there are failed attempts to move to Carrick Street Oval (1894) and Dam Park (1914 and again in 1919). The lessons of history have been learned. It is not required to have the gift of prophecy to know that there will be no further attempts to remove her from her residence in Hawkhill. She is not a tolerant host.

This book is not about football per se. It is a study of Somerset Park, detailing modifications great and small. Old Lady Somerset is not averse to enjoying a spin. The original playing pitch has twice been spun by 45°. Within these pages the text is punctuated by contemporary maps in order to convey the full impact. Ground rotation may be categorised as major change but ample credence has been afforded to modifications which, although more minor, are nonetheless considered to be significant.

It fires the imagination to think of the original stand being dismantled at Beresford Park then conveyed in a series of horse-drawn carts, down the High Street and over to Hawkhill to be reassembled. However It would be wise not to give away any more spoilers at this stage lest it detracts from the suspense of wondering what happened next.

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